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EostreAUSTRA is a small functional language designed to handle financial series and common econometric models. It also implements vectors, matrices and the most frequently used operations from linear algebra, statistics, and probability.


AUSTRA expressions are efficiently parsed by a .NET Engine, and they are translated into fast-running native code that calls routines also implemented in .NET that take advantage of multicore systems and SIMD extensions.


This manual presents:


The AUSTRA functional language, with examples.

The output of the language is shown using the Ostara desktop application, which uses a variety of views to present results according to their types.


The underlying AUSTRA library is not covered by this document. Most classes and methods in the library have a direct counterpart in the language, but some operations, such as optimized fused multiply-add for vectors are currently available only from the library, though the compiler can use them via optimization.


In this section


Basic syntax

A quick tour on AUSTRA features.



A brief description of the applications for trying the AUSTRA language and library.



The reference groups language features by their functionality and data type.