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The Freya Programming Language

It was a time of darkness and sorrow. Fenrir, the wolf, had been released from its bonds by the mad son of a blind shoemaker, and it had bitten the Moon thrice. Every night since, the mutilated disc cast crimson shades of fear over the houses of the man, and a nameless Evil took possession of the land. That was a time of pain and regret, when you couldn't tell a king from a joker.

And then, a tiny seed of hope sprouted in the most unsuspected place: the hut of an alchemist. A little girl was born there, and she was called Freya, because her destiny was to lead her people to Freedom. She was pure, and she was beautiful, and those shepherds attracted by the strange light in the hut felt, for the first time after many years, a warm feeling in their hearts.

Pure Object Orientation for .NET v2.0 and beyond

But, how much could a lonely child do, however pure and wise she could be? Little Freya hid her face from mankind and waited her time to come. With the help and protection from a small number of loyal free men and women, she grew stronger, and wiser.

So, here you are: be welcomed, my friend! Join us beside the fire, have our humble bread, and after drinking some comforting wine, please tell us your story. And don't be afraid, because no story is small. As a wise man used to say: together we stand; divided, we fall.

Freya's Sharp Blade