Austra.Library Namespace

Contains most of the Austra classes.


ARModelTRepresents an autoregressive model AR(p).
ARSModelRepresents an autoregressive model from a series.
ARVModelRepresents an autoregressive model from a vector.
ConvergenceExceptionAn algorithm failed to converge.
CSequenceRepresents any sequence returning complex values.
DateSplineInterpolates temporal series.
DSequenceRepresents any sequence returning double-precision values.
EmptySequenceExceptionThe sequence is empty.
EmptySliceExceptionA series slice cannot be empty.
LinearModelTRepresents the result of a linear regression.
LinearSModelRepresents the result of a linear regression from series.
LinearVModelRepresents the result of a linear regression from vectors.
LMatrixJsonConverterJSON converter for triangular matrices.
MAModelTRepresents an moving average model MA(q).
MASModelRepresents an autoregressive model from a series.
MatrixJsonConverterJSON converter for rectangular matrices.
MatrixSizeExceptionMatrix size mismatch.
MAVModelRepresents a moving average model from a vector.
NonPositiveDefiniteExceptionA matrix is not positive definite.
NSequenceRepresents any sequence returning integer values.
PlotTContains dataset information for plots.
PolynomialRootsExceptionNo roots were found while solving a polynomial equation.
PolynomialsProvides methods for working with polynomials.
SequenceT, TSelfCommon base class for all sequences.
SeriesRepresents a time series.
SeriesTRepresents a named series.
SolverA simple solver for equations of the form f(x) = 0.
SplineARGRepresents a set of splines for cubic interpolation.
VectorLengthExceptionVector length mismatch.
VectorSplineInterpolates vectors.


CholeskyRepresents the result of a Cholesky decomposition.
CVectorRepresents a dense complex vector of arbitrary size.
DVectorRepresents a dense vector of double values, of arbitrary size.
EVDEigenvalue decomposition.
LMatrixRepresents a lower triangular matrix.
LURepresents a LU decomposition.
MatrixRepresents a dense rectangular matrix.
NVectorRepresents a dense vector of integers, of arbitrary size.
PointTRepresents a point in a series.
PolynomialRepresents a cubic polynomial.
RMatrixRepresents an upper triangular matrix.


IIndexableCommon interface for all types with indexes like a vector.
IMatrixCommon interface for all matrix types.
IPointwiseOperatorsTDefines a type with a pointwise multiplication operation.
ISafeIndexedDefines a type with a SafeIndex method.
IVectorCommon interface for all vector types.


FrequencyMost common sampling sequences for time series.
SeriesTypeSimple taxonomy for series.